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Kids Menu

For ages 12 and younger - Drink & 1 side dish included | 5.29

Child's Plate

Your choice of:

One Cheese Enchilada

One Beef Taco or

Two Chicken Taquitos

Mini Pizza

A Personal-Sized Pepperoni Pizza

Chicken Nuggets

Golden-Fried Chicken Nuggets

Mac & Cheese

A Dish of Creamy Kraft Macaroni & Cheese


A Cheese Quesadilla


Choose One

Mott's Applesauce | Rice & Beans | French Fries | Chocolate Pudding


Free refills on the following
Coke | Diet Cocke | Sprite | Dr. Pepper | Diet Dr. Pepper | Sweet Tea | Iced Tea | Raspberry Tea

Single Serving Beverages
Milk | Apple Juice

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